• Capital Market Quiz – 17

    161 Which of the following organizations/agencies has launched an online complaint redressal system known as “SCORES”?
      A) RBI
      B) SEBI
      C) IFCI
      D) IBA
    162 The BSE and S&P Dow Jones Indices have launched an Islamic equity index named as “S&P BSE 500 Shariah index” in May 2013. This index comprises how many companies in the Indian index?
      A) 50
      B) 30
      C) 500
      D) 100
    163 Which global FMCG giant has recently announced in May 2013 that it would increase its stake in its Indian unit to increase its position in emerging markets?
      A) 3M
      B) P&G
      C) Nestle
      D) Unilever Plc
    164 To safeguard the interest of public shareholders, the SEBI has made it mandatory for the companies to buyback at least _____ of their repurchase offers.
      A) 25%
      B) 50%
      C) 40%
      D) 60%
    165 India’s largest stock market National Stock Exchange (NSE) has launched ”LIX 15” index for which segment in July 2013?
      A) Derivatives
      B) Equity
      C) Commodities
      D) None of These
    166 Which company will enter the National Stock Exchange’s 50-share Nifty index with effect from September 27 (announced by the India Index Services & Products Ltd in August 2013)?
      A) Mindtree
      B) Tech Mahindra
      C) Wipro
      D) Hexaware Limited
    167 Which Indian stock exchange suspended most trades on its platform, leding to a major crisis in August 2013?
      A) National Stock Exchange
      B) Bombay Stock Exchange
      C) National Spot Exchange Ltd
      D) Multi Commodity Exchange
    168 Which Social networking company is planning for an IPO and submitted a document to the SEC in Sep 2013?
      A) Facebook
      B) LinkedIn
      C) Twitter
      D) Orkut
    169 A high-level panel, headed by __________,submitted to Finance Minister P. Chidambaram its report in Sep 2013 on the alleged irregularities at the National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL).
      A) R.M. Premkumar
      B) Bimal Jalan
      C) Arvind Mayaram
      D) M.K. Goel
    170 Book Building Process is associated with
      A) IPO
      B) Preference Share Allotment
      C) Right issue
      D) Private Placements


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    161 Ans) SEBI
    162 Ans) 500
    163 Ans) Unilever Plc
    164 Ans) 50%
    165 Ans) Derivatives
    166 Ans) Wipro
    167 Ans) National Spot Exchange Ltd
    168 Ans) Twitter
    169 Ans) Arvind Mayaram
    170 Ans) IPO



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