• Capital Market Quiz – 12

    111 QFI (Qualified Foreign Investment) is regulated in India by?
      A) RBI
      B) Financial Action Task Force
      C) SEBI
      D) IRDA
    112 Which new stock exchange got the final approval from SEBI to be the third national stock exchange for equity trading after BSE and NSE?
      A) Kolkata Stock Exchange
      B) MCX-SX
      C) Commodity Exchange
      D) None of these
    113 Which private bank has received India’s first investment through the QFI (Qualified Framework Investor) route?
      A) ICICI Bank
      B) Kotak Mahindra Bank
      C) HDFC Bank
      D) Axis Bank
    114 MCX-SX, the latest entity to set up a full-fledged stock exchange in India, has planned for a stock barometer index named as?
      A) SX-30
      B) SX-40
      C) SX-50
      D) SX-100
    115 Under the recently launched Rajiv Gandhi Equity Scheme by Government, maximum permissibe investment amount by retail investors is?
      A) Rs 100,000
      B) Rs 60,000
      C) Rs 50,000
      D) Rs 40,000
    116 As per IRDA directive, Insurance companies have to complete how many years in business to raise capital through IPO?
      A) 7 years
      B) 10 years
      C) 5 years
      D) 12 years
    117 Which brokerage house was responsible behind the crash of NSE index recently in October 2012?
      A) Sharekhan
      B) Indiabulls securities
      C) Emkay Global
      D) Motilal Oswal
    118 India’s state run Insurance giant LIC can now invest ___ in a company as compared to the earlier limit of 10%, a move taken by the Finance Ministry to support its divestment programs.
      A) 20%
      B) 25%
      C) 35%
      D) 30%
    119 Who has been appointed as the new MD and Chief Executive of BSE recently in November 2012?
      A) Ravi Narain
      B) Ashish Chauhan
      C) Madhu Kannan
      D) None of These
    120 Which global Investment Bank has raised India’s equity market outlook to ‘overweight’ from ‘market-weight’ due to slight recovery in growth and moderation in inflation in Nov 2012?
      A) UBS
      B) Bank of America
      C) Nomura
      D) Goldman Sachs


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    111 Ans) Financial Action Task Force
    112 Ans) MCX-SX
    113 Ans) Kotak Mahindra Bank
    114 Ans) SX-40
    115 Ans) Rs 50,000
    116 Ans) 10 years
    117 Ans) Emkay Global
    118 Ans) 30%
    119 Ans) Ashish Chauhan
    120 Ans) Goldman Sachs
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