• Buy Side Firms

    Buy Side firms are the market participants which are involved in trading derivatives in the capital market space. These buy side firms include Investment banks, hedge funds, and portfolio managers etc who take buying or selling decisions. These firms trade derivative contracts or buy/sell/short sell stocks in financial market to generate extra profit or alpha. Buy side firms also includes hedges, arbitragers and speculators as well.

    Hedgers enter into a derivatives contract in order to hedge or eliminate the risk involved in any open position. Speculator try to take advantage out of any event in order to generate profit. Buy side firms use the research reports prepared by Sell side firms to take trading decisions.
    Buy side firms include
    ⦁ Banks
    ⦁ Portfolio Managers
    ⦁ Hedge Funds
    ⦁ Investment advisors
    ⦁ Private Equity Firms
    ⦁ Life Insurance Companies
    ⦁ Pension Funds

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