• Business Quiz – 42

    411 Online travel company Ibibo Group, that owns portals such as Goibibo.com, redBus.in and Travelboutique has acquired 51% stake in online bus tracking and analytics platform ___________ in March 2014.
    A) Easemytrip.com
    B) YourBus.com
    C) Busdetails.com
    D) None of These
    412 British retail giant Tesco announced forming of an equal joint venture with which company to enter into Indian market in March 2014.
    A) Reliance Retail
    B) Trent Ltd
    C) Big Bazaar
    D) Bharti
    413 Which Global Tech company acquired virtual reality gaming startup Oculus VR Inc for USD 2 billion in March 2014?
    A) Yahoo
    B) Google
    C) Facebook
    D) Microsoft
    414 Which Global bank acquires Societe Generale’s Asian private banking business for USD 220 million in March 2014?
    A) Citibank
    B) DBS Bank
    C) Bank of America
    D) Royal Bank of Scotland
    415 World Longest aircraft Airlander was unveiled in Britain in March. It was manufactured by  _________________.
    A) Airbus
    B) Hybrid Air Vehicles.
    C) Boeing
    D) Lockheed Martin
    416 Which Indian pharma company announced to acquire Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd in a USD 3.2 billion deal in April 2014 in which Sun Pharma will acquire 100% of Ranbaxy in an all-stock deal?
    A) Dr Reddy’s Laboratory
    B) Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
    C) Aurovindo Pharma
    D) None of These
    417 Global pharma giant Novartis announced to sell its animal-health operation to _________ and Co. for USD 5.4 billion in April 2014 to restructure its business.
    A) Eli Lilly
    B) Merck & Co.
    C) Johnson and Johnson
    D) Bayer
    418 Indian two pharma companies Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd announced a USD 3.2 billion deal in April 2014 in which Sun Pharma will acquire 100% of Ranbaxy in an all-stock deal. Currently which company owns majority stake in Ranbaxy?
    A) Takeda Pharmaceutical
    B) Abbott Laboratories
    C) Daiichi Sankyo
    D) Bayer
    419 Which Tech company announced its acquisition of Titan Aerospace in April 2014? Titan Aerospace is a maker of solar-powered drones which can be used to boost Internet access to remote areas.
    A) Yahoo
    B) Google
    C) Facebook
    D) Microsoft
    420 Which Indian IT Services Company and Mitsubishi Corporation have announced a new joint venture in April 2014 for the Japanese market, the second largest market for software services which is still untouched by Indian services companies.
    A) Cognizant
    B) Infosys
    C) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
    D) Wipro


    Check below for Answers:



    411 Ans) YourBus.com
    412 Ans) Trent Ltd
    413 Ans) Facebook
    414 Ans) DBS Bank
    415 Ans) Hybrid Air Vehicles
    416 Ans) Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
    417 Ans) Eli Lilly
    418 Ans) Daiichi Sankyo
    419 Ans) Google
    420 Ans) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


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