• Business Quiz – 41

    401 Social Netoworking company Facebook announced acquisition of __________, a world leader in mobile messaging over the internet, for USD 19 billion in Feb 2014.
    A) LineChat
    B) WeChat
    C) WhatsApp
    D) None of These
    402 Which US company  has announced its acquisition of Time Warner Cable for USD 45.2 billion in Feb 2014?
    B) DISH Network Corporation
    C) Comcast Corporation
    D) None of These
    403 Which global internet giant has acquired SlickLogin, an Israeli start-up company which offers an alternative process for login confirmation by using sound based passwords, in Feb 2014?
    A) Facebook
    B) Google
    C) Microsoft
    D) Yahoo
    404 Which Indian Telecom Company acquired Loop Mobile for Rs 700-crore in Feb 2014?
    A) Vodafone
    B) Bharti Airtel
    C) Ideal Cellular
    D) Reliance Comm
    405 Which Tech company announced acquisition of WhatsApp, a world leader in mobile messaging over the internet, for USD 19 billion in stock and cash in Feb 2014?
    A) Google
    B) Microsoft
    C) Facebook
    D) Yahoo
    406 Which Indian Oil and Gas company will buy Malaysian firm Petronas’ 10% stake in a shale-gas assets and liquefied- natural-gas (LNG) project in British Columbia for USD 900 million (announced in Feb 2014)?
    A) GAIL
    B) ONGC
    C) Indian Oil Corp
    D) Reliance Industries
    407 Which India’s IT Services Company has acquired the software services unit of Germany chemicals giant BASF in Feb 2014?
    A) Tech Mahindra
    B) Infosys
    C) Wipro
    D) TCS
    408 Which social networking company announced to launch of Chinese version of its site in February 2014?  The Chinese language website will be a beta or test version of the site.
    A) Orkut
    B) Facebook
    C) LinkedIn
    D) Google Plus
    409 Global Software giant Microsoft has named whom as its new Chairman in Feb 2014?
    A) Steve Ballmer
    B) Satya Nadella
    C) John Thompson
    D) Sundar Pichai
    410 Which Global Tech/Internet Company acquired a startup company named “Vizify” that lets users create infographics and videos out of social data in March 2014?
    A) Yahoo
    B) Google
    C) Facebook
    D) Microsoft

      Check below for Answers:   Answers:

    401 Ans) WhatsApp
    402 Ans) Comcast Corporation
    403 Ans) Google
    404 Ans) Bharti Airtel
    405 Ans) Facebook
    406 Ans) Indian Oil Corp
    407 Ans) Tech Mahindra
    408 Ans) LinkedIn
    409 Ans) John Thompson
    410 Ans) Yahoo


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