• Business Quiz – 38

    371 Which global tech company acquired popular smartphone apps “Bump” which is used to share smartphone files like contacts, pictures or other data in September 2013?
      A) Yahoo
      B) Google
      C) Microsoft
      D) Facebook
    372 Which global tech giant has celebrated its 15th birthday on 27th September 2013?
      A) Microsoft
      B) Facebook
      C) Google
      D) Yahoo
    373 Which Online commerce major has agreed to acquire payment platform Braintree for about USD 800 million in Sep 2013?
      A) Amazon
      B) eBay
      C) Alibaba
      D) None of These
    374 Which of the below telecom company has recently completed the biggest deal ever in telecom industry (USD 130 billion) in Sep 2013?
      A) Telenor
      B) AT&T
      C) Vodafone
      D) Airtel
    375 Which global internet company has shut down news and community services in China in Sep 2013?
      A) LinkedIn
      B) Google
      C) Facebook
      D) Yahoo
    376 Which Internet company acquired tech company Bread, a URL shortner that allows users to design then target advertisements to readers who click on their links in Oct 2013?
      A) Yahoo
      B) Google
      C) Microsoft
      D) Facebook
    377 Which Internet company image-recognition startup LookFlow, which will bring image-recognition technology to its Flickr service for sharing photos in Oct 2013?
      A) Yahoo
      B) Google
      C) Microsoft
      D) Facebook
    378 Who was chairman of Union Carbide when Bhopal tragedy occurred on 3 December 1984?
      A) Marc Galanter
      B) Warren Anderson
      C) Ottavio Quattrocchi
      D) None of these
    379 Which PSU in the below list is called financial back bone of Indian Power Sector?
      A) Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd.
      B) Power Finance Corporation
      C) Power Trading Corportation
      D) None of these
    380 Solar Valley, world’s largest solar water heater manufacturer is located in which country?
      A) Australia
      B) Japan
      C) China
      D) Germany


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    371 Ans) Google
    372 Ans) Google
    373 Ans) eBay
    374 Ans) Vodafone
    375 Ans) Yahoo
    376 Ans) Yahoo
    377 Ans) Yahoo
    378 Ans) Warren Anderson
    379 Ans) Power Finance Corporation
    380 Ans) China


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