• Business Quiz – 37

    361 Yahoo Inc has appointed which veteran technology executive and Silicon Valley investor  as its new chairman in August 2013?
      A) Alfred J. Amoroso
      B) Stratton Sclavos
      C) Maynard Webb
      D) Roy J. Bostock
    362 Which Social networking site  launched “Internet.org” to make Internet access affordable for all in August 2013?
      A) LinkedIn
      B) Google+
      C) Facebook
      D) None of These
    363 Which Internet company has grabbed the top slot among the 50 best US internet properties in the monthly report for July, released by ComScore, an American Internet analytics firm in August 2013?
      A) Microsoft
      B) Google
      C) Yahoo
      D) Facebook
    364 Which global tech company acquired Finish mobile maker Nokia’s mobile phone business for 5.4 billion euros in September 2013?
      A) Apple
      B) Google
      C) Microsoft
      D) Blackberry
    365 US mobile giant Verizon Communications Inc agreed to acquire 45% stake in Verizon Wireless from which telecom company in a USD 130 billion transaction deal in Sep 2013?
      A) AT&T
      B) Vodafone
      C) Telenor
      D) Airtel
    366 Google has announced the name of its Android version as _________ in Sep 2013.
      A) Cupcake
      B) Jelly Bean
      C) KitKat
      D) None of These
    367 Which Internet company has adopted a new logo (in Purple) for the first time since its founding 18 years ago in Sep 2013?
      A) Google
      B) Amazon
      C) eBay
      D) Yahoo
    368 Which Social networking company is planning for an IPO and submitted a document to the SEC in Sep 2013?
      A) Facebook
      B) LinkedIn
      C) Twitter
      D) Orkut
    369 IT outsourcing company iGate Corp has appointed whom as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Sep 2013?
      A) Ashok Vemuri
      B) Girish Paranjpe
      C) Krishnakumar Natarajan
      D) Suresh Vaswani
    370 Which Global electronics company agreed to acquire major part of Hyderabad based Vijai Electricals Ltd.’s transmission and distribution (T&D) business for approximately USD 200 million in Sep 2013?
      A) Samsung
      B) Toshiba
      C) Lenovo
      D) Dell


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    361 Ans) Maynard Webb
    362 Ans) Facebook
    363 Ans) Yahoo
    364 Ans) Microsoft
    365 Ans) Vodafone
    366 Ans) KitKat
    367 Ans) Yahoo
    368 Ans) Twitter
    369 Ans) Ashok Vemuri
    370 Ans) Toshiba


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