• Business Quiz – 36

    351 Which Indian Pharma company and USA based Intrexon Corporation have announced setting up a joint venture in Oct 2013 to develop controllable gene-based therapies for the treatment of eye diseases?
      A) Ranbaxy
      B) Dr Reddy’s Laboratory
      C) Aurobindo Pharma
      D) Sun Pharmaceutical
    352 World’s largest retail chain Walmart Stores Inc has called off its six-year old alliance with which company in India in Oct 2013?
      A) Reliance Retail
      B) Bharti Group
      C) Tata Group
      D) Future Group
    353 Which Indian power company acquired AES Saurashtra Windfarms, a subsidiary of US-based AES Corp, which owns a 39.2 MW wind energy farm in Gujarat in Oct 2013?
      A) Reliance Power
      B) Tata Power
      C) Jindal Power
      D) Jaypee power
    354 The proposed aviation venture of TATA with Singapore Airlines (SIA) has got corporate Affairs  Ministry’s approval to use the name “Tata SIA Airlines Ltd” in Oct 2013. Tata Group will hold ______ stake in the company while the rest will be held by Singapore Airlines.
      A) 74%
      B) 49%
      C) 51%
      D) 60%
    355 Which global mining giant has confirmed that it was pulling out of nine oil and gas exploration projects in India in Oct 2013 due to their inability to carry out exploration operations in these blocks because of bureaucratic hurdles and disagreements with the Government.
      A)  BHP Billiton
      B) ALCOA
      C) Rio Tinto
      D) None of These
    356 Which Indian IT Services Company has paid USD 34 million to settle a civil lawsuit from the US government over allegations it misused visas in Oct 2013?
      A) HCL Technologies
      B) TCS
      C) Wipro
      D) Infosys
    357 Which India’s leading IT Services Company won the ‘Corporate Sustainability Stewardship’ award for efficient management of energy, waste and water resources in its production processes and operations (announced in Oct 2013)?
      A) Wipro
      B) Infosys
      C) TCS
      D) HCL Technologies
    358 Which Indian Oil Company acquired an additional 12% stake in a Brazilian oil blocks for 529 US million Dollars in October 2013?
      A) ONGC Videsh Limited
      B) Indian Oil Corporation
      C) GAIL India
      D) None of These
    359 Which Indian is all set to become the global CEO of the 2,245-million Italian sugar confectionery maker “Perfetti Van Melle”, the first non-Italian to head the privately held firm?
      A) Sameer Suneja
      B) Sanjiv Mehta
      C) Santosh B Nayar
      D) None of These
    360 Jeffrey P Bezos agreed to acquire the newspaper assets of the Washington Post Company for USD 250 million in August 2013. He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of which company?
      A) eBay
      B) Yahoo
      C) Amazon
      D) None of These


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    351 Ans) Sun Pharmaceutical
    352 Ans) Bharti Group
    353 Ans) Tata Power
    354 Ans) 51%
    355 Ans) BHP Billiton
    356 Ans) Infosys
    357 Ans) Infosys
    358 Ans) ONGC Videsh Limited
    359 Ans) Sameer Suneja
    360 Ans) Amazon


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