• Business Quiz – 2 Answers


    11 Nokia is headquartered in which of the following Countries? Ans) Finland
    12 The index “KOSPI” is of which Stock Exchange? Ans)Seoul
    13 The index “Nikkei” is of which Stock Exchange? Ans)Tokyo
    14 The index “DAX” is of which Stock Exchange? Ans)Frankfurt
    15 Audi is a luxury car originally manufactured in? Ans) Germany
    16 With which country India is exploring Shale gas reserve? Ans) USA

    French construction material firm Saint-Gobain has agreed to buy two distribution units from UK-based plumbing and heating products distributor Wolseley Plc, for

    Ans)€351 million
    18 Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry smartphone has acquired which Swedish online video editing company, for a undisclosed sum? Ans)JayCut
    19 National Oilwell Varco Inc. plans to acquire Ameron International Corp. for Ans)$772 million
    20 Who has been named Unilever’s first global (COO) chief operating officer? Ans)Harish Manwani

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