• Business Quiz – 1 Answers

    1 Which of the following companies has replaced Dell to become the world’s second largest personal computer company? Ans) Lenovo
    2 The two-year old alliance between Volkswagen AG (VW) and which of the following Japanese car makers has collapsed recently Ans) Suzuki Motor Corporation
    3 The world’s largest PC maker ihas acuired UK-based software company Autonomy Corp for $11.7 billion. Name the PC maker? Ans) Hewlett Packard
    4 Which among the following is world’s largest mobile operator having largest subscriber base in the world ? Ans) China Mobile
    5 The richest person of the world according to the recent Forbes annual list of world’s top billionaires is? Ans) Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico)
    6 Irene Rosenfeld is the chair woman and CEO of- Ans) Kraft Foods Inc
    7 Kevin Rollins is the CEO of which American Corporate giant employing direct business model? Ans) Dell
    8 The investment giant set up by Warren Buffet is Ans) Berkshire Hathway
    9 Where is Proctor and Gamble headquartered? Ans) Cincinnati
    10 Which Company was involved with the oil-spill off the US Coast in April 2010 ? Ans)BP

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