• Browsing Shortcut Keys



    Shortcut Key Function
    Ctrl + 9 Switch to Last Tab
    Ctrl + Tab Switch to Next Tab
    Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to Previous Tab
    Ctrl + W Close the Current Tab
    Ctrl + F Find on Page
    Ctrl + T Open New Tab
    Ctrl + N Open New Browser Window
    Alt + F4 Close the Current Window
    Ctrl + H Open History
    Ctrl + B Open Bookmarks
    Ctrl + P Print Page
    Alt + Home Go to Home Page
    Home Go to Top of the Page
    End Go to Bottom of the Page
    Ctrl + J Open Download History
    Ctrl + D Bookmark the Current Website
    Ctrl + S Save the Current Page on your Computer
    Ctrl + U Open Source Code for Current Page
    Ctrl + O Open a file from your computer
    F5 Reload
    Backspace , Alt + Left Arrow Back
    Shift + Backspace, Alt + Left Arrow Forward
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