• Banking Quiz – 8

    71 Sarbanes – Oxley Act (SOX) was introduced in?
    A) 2001
    B) 2002
    C) 2005
    D) 2008
    72 In India IFCI, IRBI and NABARD were set up as?
    A) Development Banks
    B) Public Sector Banks
    C) Cooperative Banks
    D) Regional Rural Banks
    73 In the money market, money lent for one day is known as?
    A) Notice Money
    B) Term Money
    C) Call Money
    D) Immediate Money
    74 “An instrument issued by the Banks wherein the Issuing Bank agrees to stand as guarantor against the non-performance of some activity/event of the Applicant”- known as?
    A) Outward LC
    B) Foreign bill
    C) Bank Guarantee
    D) Inland Bill
    75 Which in the list has the lowest risk associated with it?
    A) Certificate of Deposits
    B) Treasury Bills
    C) Corporate Bonds
    D) Commercial Papers
    76 Which is NOT a Non credit fee Based service offered by Banks?
    A) Debt Capital Market Services
    B) Equity Market services
    C) Payments and cash management
    D) None of These
    77 In which year State Bank of India was nationalized?
    A) 1955
    B) 1949
    C) 1959
    D) 1969
    78 The National Housing Bank (NHB) was set up in which year?
    A) 1988
    B) 1975
    C) 1981
    D) 1982
    79 Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were established in which year?
    A) 1959
    B) 1965
    C) 1975
    D) 1971
    80 Insurance regulatory and Development Authority was established in?
    A) 1999
    B) 1991
    C) 1995
    D) 1997


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