• Banking Quiz -63

    621 Under the norms recommended by BASEL Committee,any scheduled loan which does not repaid in the following duration is called “NON PERFORMING LOAN” ?
      A) 30 Days
      B) 60 Days
      C) 90 Days
      D) 120 Days
    622 Which rates are quoted as one unit of base currency against a number of units of a variable currency
      A) Spot rate
      B) Tom rate
      C) Cash rate
      D) None of these
    623 The rate at which the bank quoting the price, or the ‘market maker’ will buy the base currency from its customer
      A) Bid price
      B) Offer price
      C) Both a and b
      D) None of these
    624 The rate at which the bank quoting the price, will sell the base currency to its customer.
      A) Ask/offer price
      B) Bid price
      C) Both a and b
      D) None of these
    625 Which of the following is not directly involved in rural lending?
      A) Cooperatives
      B) RRBs
      C) Commercial banks
      D) SIDBI
    626 Which of the following are part of Liability side in Balance Sheet?
      A) Deposits made by various customers
      B) Equity Capital representing long term funds that the owners have contributed to the bank
      C) Borrowings of funds by the bank – non deposit borrowings from money and capital markets
      D) All of the Above
    627 In the Assets of the Balance Sheet, which component consists of major portion of Bank Folio?
      A) Loans and Lease Finances allowed to customers
      B) Cash at Vault and Deposits held with other depository institutions
      C) Investment in interest earning government securities
      D) Deposits made by the various customers
    628 Which of the following defines the “PRE-SHIPMENT” finance?
      A) Extending credit facilities to overseas buyer
      B) Allowing working capital facilities assisting the exporter with credit facilities enabling the exporter to execute his export orders in time
      C) Arranging to collect the payment from the overseas buyer through collection mechanism
      D) Extending receivable financing against the export documents tendered by the exporter on the overseas buyer
    629 Which of the following defines the “LINE OF CREDIT”?
      A) Extending credit to overseas financial institutions for the purpose of on lending to their clients
      B) Providing credit protection through in case if the buyer defaults to pay the exporter
      C) Extending credit facilities to overseas buyer
      D) None of the above
    630 The relation ship between RBI and the Bank maintaining the currency chest is that of?
      A) Debtor and Creditor
      B) Principal and Agent
      C) Bailor and Bailee
      D) Creditor and Debtor


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