• Banking Quiz -61

    601 Which of the following does not comes under non-depository institutions?
      A) Finance Companies
      B) Mutual Funds
      C) Pension Funds
      D) Credit Unions
    602 Who of the following is not a party to the IPO?
      A) Registrar of Issue
      B) Investment Banker
      C) Advertisement Agency
      D) Registrar of Companies
    603 Which of the following factors includes in the Client’s Financial Plan?
      A) The Length of time the client plans to invest the funds
      B) The availability of emergency cash
      C) The Preferred risk level for investments choices
      D) All of the Above
    604 The Paypal, Yahoo Direct, C2IT are examples of which of the following payment systems?
      A) Cash Withdrawals and advances
      B) P2P Payments
      C) Bill Payments
      D) Purchase of Goods and services
    605 Which of the following is called Banker’s Acceptance Facility?
      A) Under this arrangement the bank is prepared to accept the bill of exchange drawn by the overseas Seller on them on account of their importer.
      B) Under this Guarantee, the bank indemnifies the shipping company for any loss that may be incurred by the shipping company in releasing the consignment to the consignee(importer) without the submission of original documents
      C) Under this arrangement importer’s bank undertakes the payment obligation of the importer to the overseas seller on certain conditions
      D) None Of the Above
    606 Which of the following are not part of the Loan Agreement?
      A) Collateral Required
      B) Covenants which restrict the borrower from certain action during the period of the loan
      C) Loan Sanction
      D) Term of the Loan
    607 Credit Appraisal focuses on which of the following factors?
      A) Borrower/Management Appraisal
      B) Technical Appraisal of the Project
      C) Market Appraisal determining the viability of the Project
      D) All of the above
    608 Which of the following statements is true?
      A) The licence to open branches of bank is granted by Board of Directors of that Bank
      B) The licence to open branches of bank is granted by the Finance Ministry
      C) A licence to open a branch is issued by the Central Government
      D) A licence to open a branch is issued by the Reserve Bank of India
    609 Which of the following product is not related to bank accounts
      A) ATM cards
      B) Smart cards
      C) Debit cards
      D) Computer banking
    610 Which of the Following are the part of Loan Policy?
      A)  Loan Sanction
      B)  Loan Administration
      C)  Lending Rates
      D)  All of the Above


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