• Banking Quiz -60

    591 The portfolio management services offered by banks can be classified into?
      A) Comprehensive and limited
      B) Advisory and non-discretionary
      C) Advisory and non-Advisory
      D) Discriminatory and non- Discriminatory
    592 Debt Recovery Tribunals accept petitions from Banks and financial institutions, only when the amount of suit is for Rs?
      A) 100,000 and above
      B) 500,000 and above
      C) 750,000 and above
      D) 1,000,000 and above
    593 Which of the following is not true about “Branch Banking”?
      A) This System has a head office which control and directs the branches in multiple locations
      B) Diversification of Risks are spread over an entire range of commercial assets
      C) This System involves provision of banking services by a bank in the limited local area
      D) Leads to uniform structure of interest rates
    594 Which of the following is not shown as an asset in the balance sheet of a Bank?
      A) Investments
      B) Advances
      C) Cash Balances with other banks
      D) Borrowings
    595 The rate at which RBI rediscounts the bills of commercial banks is called as?
      A) Bank Rate
      B) Prime Lending rate
      C) Repo rate
      D) BPLR
    596 In which of the following situations “Float” Occurs?
      A) Depositing Local Cheque in the Bank
      B) Depositing Local DD in the Bank
      C) Depositing Outstation Cheque in the Bank
      D) None
    597 The Credit Scoring Model will have the following factors?
      A) Age
      B) Martial Status
      C) Status of Housing
      D) All of the Above
    598 Which of the following does not comes under depository institutions?
      A) Commercial Banks
      B) Savings and Loan Associations
      C) Credit Unions
      D) Mutual Funds
    599 Which of the following is not part of Collection Services/Receivables Management?
      A) Check Collection Services
      B) Overdraft
      C) Electronic Bill Payment and Presentation
      D) Lock-box Service
    600 Which of the following is not true about wealth management?
      A) Wealth Management process is founded on the values of the client first.
      B) This is an on-going process
      C) This is the science of choosing investments such as stocks, bonds and derivatives
      D) Wealth Manager examines the client’s financial situation then suggests a combination of banking and investment services that best address that best addresses their unique wealth management issues


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