• Banking Quiz -58

    571 Which of the following is not a reason for regulating the banking operations?
      A) Banks hold a major portion of the public savings
      B) Banks intermediate between the savings and investments
      C) Banks hold a large part of the money supply
      D) Banks earn profit from non-fund services
    572 ACH stands for?
      A) Automated Currency House
      B) Automated Clearing House
      C) Automatic Clearing Horizon
      D) Automated Credit House
    573 “CHIPS” stands for?
      A) Clearing House Inter bank Payment system
      B) Clearing House Inter bank Pay system
      C) Clearing House Inter banking Payment system
      D) Clearing House Intra bank Payment system
    574 Which of the following is an example of transaction accounts?
      A) Fixed Deposits
      B) Recurring Deposits
      C) Saving Bank Deposits
      D) Cash Certificate
    575 Which of the following is the parameter to recognize the SSI unit as sick unit?
      A) The erosion in the net-worth due to accumulated losses is up to 25% of its net worth during the previous account year
      B) The erosion in the net-worth due to accumulated losses is up to 50% of its net worth during the previous account year.
      C) The unit should have been in commercial production for at least five years
      D) Lack of updations in technological development
    576 SWIFT is a?
      A) Message transmission system
      B) Founded in 1973 by 239 banks to create a unified international transaction processing and transmission system
      C) Transmission of message to any part of the world is on real time basis
      D) All of the above
    577 Which of the following is not an example of Fund based limits?
      A) Letter of Guarantee
      B) Purchase and discount of bills
      C) Cash credit and over draft
      D) Demand Loans and Term Loans.
    578 When a bank agrees to lend money to borrower, either against a tangible security or not, but against a borrower’s promise to repay the amount at a future date, with the interest for the amount  used for the period” is called
      A) Non-Fund Based Credit Facilities
      B) Fund Based Credit Facilities
      C) Non-credit Fee Based Products
      D) None of the above
    579 When the customer withdraws cash from ATM, the banker and customer relationship can be termed as?
      A) Debtor and Creditor
      B) Creditor and Debtor
      C) Lessor and Lessee
      D) Agent and principal
    580 Most of the wealth management accounts are managed on which of the following basis?
      A) Discretionary
      B) Non-Discretionary
      C) Advisory
      D) None of the above


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