• Banking Quiz -57

    561 Which of the following are not part of Cash Management Services?
      A) Lockbox Service
      B) Electronic Bill Payment and Presentation
      C) Overdraft
      D) Standby Credit
    562 In this type of guarantee, it assures payment beneficiary in the event that contractor fails to fulfill contract obligations
      A) Performance Guarantee
      B) Facility Guarantee
      C) Maintenance Guarantee
      D) Retention money guarantee
    563 Moody’s is a?
      A) Credit rating agency
      B) Banking act
      C) US bank
      D) US Insurance Company
    564 Which of the following are non-credit fee based products or services?
      A) Cash management Services
      B) Trade finance
      C) Treasury Products
      D) All of the Above
    565 The Standby Credit is
      A) Backup Mechanism
      B) Payment Mechanism
      C) It not similar to bank guarantee
      D) None of the above
    566 Exporter who requires guarantee of payment will ask for
      A) Trade acceptances
      B) Banker’s acceptances
      C) Irrevocable LC
      D) Unconfirmed LC
    567 Short term unsecured promissory note with a maturity period of 12 months issued primarily by companies to meet their short term financing requirement is knwon as?
      A) Commercial papers
      B) Debt capital market services
      C) Private placements
      D) None of these
    568 Which of the following statement is incorrect
      A) Central Banking System is a non-commercial banking system which consists of the national supervisory frame work for regulation of banking and controlling the money supply in the economy.
      B) Commercial banking system consists of network of banks which provide a variety of banking services to individuals and the business in the economy.
      C) Unit Banking involves provision of banking services by a bank in an unlimited national wide area.
      D) Branch banking system the bank has a head office that controls and directs the banks located in multiple locations.
    569 Which in the list is a type of anticipatory letter of credit?
      A) Green clause letter of credit
      B) Yellow clause letter of credit
      C) Back to back letters of credit
      D) Revolving letter of credit
    570 Which of the following are not the parties for the Letter Of Credit?
      A) Beneficiary and his bank
      B) Importer and his bank
      C) Exporter Company
      D) None of the above


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