• Banking Quiz -53

    521 Which of the following is one of the three pillars of new Basel Capital Award?
      A) Market competitions
      B) Market Relationships
      C) Market discipline
      D) Market Management
    522 Which of the following are medium ticket size and High Risk Loans?
      A) Autoloans
      B) Personal Loans
      C) Credit Cards
      D) B & C
    523 Which of the following is not augmented feature of a credit card?
      A) Personal accident insurance
      B) Cash withdrawals
      C) Add-on facility
      D) Issue of deferred guarantee
    524 Deposits which can be withdrawn at the shortest notice by customer either in person or by a third party designated by the customer
      A) Core deposits
      B) Demand deposits
      C) Purchased deposits
      D) None of these
    525 Which of the following is not TRUE about Automated clearing house system?
      A) The cheque payment system does not function through a single channel.
      B) The bank has no.of choices available to correct the cheque.
      C) This is an Electronic batch processing system for small value payments.
      D) This is Electronic batch processing system for large payments like fed wire and chips.
    526 Which of the following is not the Traditional services offered by Banks?
      A) Offering Savings Deposits
      B) Safe Keeping valuables
      C) Offering Checking accounts, Demand Deposits
      D) Financial Advisory services
    527 Deposits which can be set up periodically to cover over withdrawals of transactions accounts or to provide transactions funds by means of limited check writing privileges is known as?
      A) Demand deposits
      B) Time deposits
      C) Savings deposits
      D) None of these
    528 The early central banks were established not for the purpose of
      A) Finance Commerce
      B) Finance Governance
      C) Foster Growth of Financial System
      D) To Bring Uniformity in issuance of currency notes
    529 MMDA stands for?
      A) Money Market Deposit Accounts
      B) Money Market Demand Accounts
      C) Money Made Deposit Accounts
      D) Money Market Depository Accounts
    530 Issuing credit cards is a component of ?
      A) Corporate banking
      B) Trade Finance
      C) Retail banking
      D) Micro finance


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