• Banking Quiz -52

    511 What is not included in the credit report?
      A) Information about Checking or savings accounts
      B) Credit history
      C) Public records
      D) Personal information
    512 In credit Transfer
      A) The Payer Notifies its bank to transfer funds to the account of payee in the Payee’s bank
      B) The Payee Bank Notifies after the transfer is made
      C) The Payer Bank notifies after the transfer is made
      D) None of the above
    513 Which of the following statements is incorrect about securitization?
      A) Securitization is the issuance of a debt instrument in which the promised payments are derived from revenue generated by defined pool of loans
      B) Mortgage loans can be securitized
      C) Automobile loans cannot be securitized
      D) None of the above
    514 Which of the following is not correctly defined as Five C’s of Credit?
      A) Character is the greatest and the most important asset, which is assessed first.
      B) Capital is the amount of owned funds in the business as well as his ability to meet the loss.
      C) Collateral refers to the security provided by the borrower in a credit transaction.
      D) Capacity deals with the amount assets he holds to payback the loan.
    515 Experian, Equifax and transunion are ____________
      A) US banks
      B) Thrift institutions
      C) Credit union
      D) Credit rating agencies in US
    516 The Credit Scoring Model is based on the following factors?
      A) Willingness to Pay
      B) Capacity to Pay
      C) A & B
      D) None of the above
    517 Structured finance products does not include
      A) Project Finance
      B) Asset Based Finance
      C) Securitization
      D) Bill Discounting
    518 Which of the following are not five C’s of Credit?
      A) Character
      B) Capacity
      C) Conditions
      D) Control
    519 Which of the following is not a financial intermediary in the financial markets?
      A) Pension funds
      B) Credit unions
      C) Life insurance companies
      D) Small scale service institute.
    520 Which of the following is correct about credits scoring model?
      A) Credit Scoring model needs to be flexible and dynamic.
      B) Scoring model should not allow the bank to change the weightings on various parameters.
      C) Bank can use certain factors like race, gender, religion and other discriminating factors while deciding scoring model.
      D) The underlying assumptions may not go wrong, if there is change in the economic and other unforeseen factors.


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