• Banking Quiz -51

    501 In which of the following transaction of Debit/Credit Card, the signature will be based?
      A) On-line Transactions
      B) Offline Transactions
      C) Electronic Transfer of Funds
      D) None of the above
    502 Which of the following is the disadvantage of going for public issue?
      A) Liquidity to existing shares
      B) Increase in visibility and reputation to the company
      C) Better pricing and placement with new investors
      D) Need to make continuous disclosures
    503 The maximum limit of FDI allowed in Public Sector Banks is?
      A) 26%
      B) 49%
      C) 35%
      D) 20%
    504 Which of the following will  take place in “Check Truncation” ?
      A) Eliminate the Physical Transportation of Checks
      B) Allow the images to be retrieved as needed by the customers
      C) Digital Image of the check will move electronically through the process
      D) All of the above
    505 At the end of lease period, if the sale price of ‘leased vehicle’ is lesser than the leased amount, customer has to pay the difference. This is applicable in the case of?
      A) Open Ended lease
      B) Close ended lease
      C) Both a and b
      D) None of these
    506 Monthly payments for these type of lease is higher because of the risk of market value becoming less than the residual value of the asset at the end of the lease period?
      A) Open Ended lease
      B) Close ended lease
      C) Both a and b
      D) None of these
    507 Which of the following are not correct about Saving account?
      A) There is no restriction on no.of withdraws.
      B) This provides deposit service to individuals.
      C) This provides interest rate
      D) Depending on whether it is with or without check book facility minimium balance need to be maintained.
    508 Which of the following is called CHIPS?
      A) This process payments with the use of paper checks for recurring & routine payments
      B) This is an electronic fund and securities transfer service run by the Federal Institutions and US Treasury & Federal Agencies
      C) This is an electronic payment system promoted by NY Clearing House Association
      D) None of the above
    509 What all information are available in the credit report?
      A) Personal information
      B) Credit history
      C) Inquiries
      D) All of the above
    510 Which of the following is correct about the Lending Process?
      A) Loans are offered to customers for only specific purposes.
      B) To minimize the risk, it is not necessary to check whether customer is not a fraud or black listed with in the bank or with other institutes
      C) Credit appraisal and sanction is an important phase in the Loan origination cycle.
      D) Disbursement is the first phase in the loan origination cycle.


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