• Banking Quiz -50

    491 Which of the following is not a criterion to select the Investment Bankers?
      A) No professional memberships or incorporations are required
      B) General reputation in the market
      C) Good rapport with market intermediaries
      D) Distribution net work of the organization
    492 The Federal Reserve System(the FeD) was formed in
      A) 1912
      B) 1913
      C) 1915
      D) None of these
    493 Glass-Steagall act
      A) Was formed in 1932
      B) Distinguished between commercial and investment banking
      C) Formed the federal Deposit insurance Corporation (FDIC), to provide deposit insurance for commercial banks.
      D) All of the above
    494 The banking company has restriction to sanction loan to?
      A) Directors of the bank
      B) Staff working in the bank
      C) Students going abroad
      D) Salaried Professionals
    495 In USA, State Chartered and nationally chartered banks coexisted within the banking industry. This has become known as a?
      A) Joined Banking System
      B) Dual Banking system
      C) Co-Banking system
      D) None of these
    496 Which of the following is a non-depository institution?
      A) Credit unions
      B) Commercial banks
      C) Mutual funds
      D) Regional rural banks
    497 Which of the following is correct about Retail Banking?
      A) It Refers to Transactions between Banks and Large Customers like Corporate and Government.
      B) It include all transactions between Banks.
      C) It refers to mobilization of deposits from individuals and providing loans to individuals and small business.
      D) It is characterized by large volume of money.
    498 The disadvantage associated with leasing company is?
      A) Low costs
      B) Flexibility in payments
      C) Eliminates the risk of obsolescence
      D) High competitions because of entry to all financial institutions
    499 In which market competition scenario, all the competitors offer same type of products for the same price with no difference?
      A) Oligopoly
      B) Monopoly
      C) Perfect Competition
      D) Monopolistic Competition
    500 In which market competition scenario, sellers or service providers have the maximum burgaining power?
      A) Oligopoly
      B) Monopoly
      C) Perfect Competition
      D) Monopolistic Competition


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