• Banking Quiz – 5

    41 Structured finance products does not include?
    A) Project finance
    B) Bill discounting
    C) Asset based finance
    D) Securitization
    42 The RBI has notified all the banks to be ready for Basel III norms which will be effective in phased manner from as on November 2012?
    A)  January 2013
    B) April 2013
    C) April 2014
    D) December 2013
    43 As per the Microfinance (MFI) bill 2012, which entiry will regulate all the Indian Microfinance Companies?
    A) SEBI
    B) RBI
    C) IRDA
    D) None of These
    44 RBI has given in principal approval for a banking license in India to which global bank in May 2012?
    A) Bank of America
    B) Morgan Stanley
    C) Merill Lynch
    D) JP Morgan Chase
    45 The first central bank, the Sveriges Riksbank (Central Bank of Sweden) was established in?
    A) 1714
    B) 1694
    C) 1664
    D) 1698
    46 Which in the list is not a monetary policy tool used by Central Banks?
    A) CRR or Reserve Requirements
    B) Repo Rate
    C) Reverse Repo rate
    D) Savings rate
    47 Which in the list is not function of Commercial Banks?
    A) Accepts savings deposits from different customers
    B) Provides loans to individuals and businesses
    C) Facilitates banking in the rural areas
    D) Helps Government to raise money from the market
    48 Depository Institutions are those financial institutions which directly accept deposits from depositors and lend to the borrowers. Which is not a Depository Institution here?
    A) Commercial Banks
    B) Savings and Loan Associations
    C) Credit Unions
    D) Pension Funds
    49 Which in the list is not a Non-Depository Institution?
    A) Mutual Funds
    B) Central Bank
    C) Pension Funds
    D) Insurance Companies
    50 What is true related to difference between repo and bank rate?
    A) Repo rate used to control inflation; bank rate not
    B) Bank rate used to control Inflation, repo rate not
    C) Repo rate is for short term while bank rate is for long term
    D) None of These


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