• Banking Quiz -48

    471 Which in the list is not a specialized sub market of money market?
      A) Call Money Market
      B) Bill Market
      C) Bond Market
      D) Collateral Loan Market
    472 An organization/company that manages the process of transferring authorized and captured credit card funds between different financial accounts
      A) Payment gateway
      B) Payment Processor
      C) Association
      D) None of these
    473 Credit Unions are
      A) Not-for-profit financial cooperatives
      B) Offer personal loans and other consumer banking services
      C) First credit union was formed in Manchester, in 1909
      D) All of the above
    474 The loans which are having a pre defined repayment schedule and fixed maturity, are known as?
      A) Closed ended loans
      B) Term loans
      C) Both of these
      D) None of these
    475 Which of the following is correct about FDIC?
      A) Established under banking act of 1733
      B) Audits state-chartered banks, which are not members of the Fed
      C) Audits state-chartered banks, which are members of the Fed
      D) None of these
    476 Examples of non-revolving credits
      A) Automobile loans
      B) Educational loans
      C) Home loans
      D) Both a & b
    477 The cost which was incurred in the past and not affected by the capital budgeting decision is known as?
      A) Sunk Cost
      B) Fixed Cost
      C) Marginal Cost
      D) Incremental Cost
    478 Kishan Credit Card was started by the Government of India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) in which year?
      A) 1999
      B) 1998
      C) 2001
      D) 2003
    479 When we simultaneously buy currency in one market and sell in another market to make profit is called as?
      A) Short Selling
      B) Arbitrage
      C) Cross Selling
      D) Speculation
    480 In USA, FDIC is
      A) Federal Deposit Institue Corporates
      B) Federal Dependent Insurance Corporation
      C) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
      D) None of these


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