• Banking Quiz -46

    451 The per-capita income in India is calculated by?
      A) Planning Commission
      B) Central Statistical Organization
      C) RBI
      D) Central Financial Organization
    452 Who has control over the “Issue of Money” from the Consolidated Fund of India if required?
      A) Ministry of Finance
      B) Parliament
      C) Reserve Bank of India
      D) President of India
    453 Indian government appinted Parthsarathy Shom committee is associated with which of the below?
      A) GST
      B) Fiscal Consolidation
      C) GAAR
      D) Power sector reform
    454 Disadvantages of Mortgage loans include:
      A) Excess supply and less demand
      B) Deflationary trends
      C) Disposing difficulty at short notice at anticipated fair value
      D) All the above
    455 The advantages for Mortgage loans is/are?
      A) Easy to identify and Durable
      B) It cannot be easily moved elsewhere
      C) Possible to ascertain its market value
      D) All of the above
    456 Features of Residential mortgage loans include?
      A) Longer maturity period
      B) Larger loan amounts –higher loan to price ratio
      C) Less volatile
      D) All the above
    457 Whenever the index changes, lender may accordingly revise?
      A) Monthly repayment schedule
      B) Maturity of the loan
      C) Principal payable keeping the monthly repayment constant with the extended maturity or enhanced monthly repayment
      D) All of the above
    458 Which of the following is incorrect?
      A) In case of fully amortized fixed rate mortgage, the debt is gradually extinguished through periodic regular equal repayments of the borrowed funds
      B) Under partially amortized fixed rate mortgage, a portion of mortgage is extinguished by equal periodic payments over a short period and the remaining unamortized portion is paid off in one lump sum payment
      C) In adjustable rate mortgage lenders have the freedom to revise the interest rate when the market rate changes
      D) None of the above
    459 Difference between the purchase price and the amount lent by the bank is known as?
      A) Down Payment
      B) Borrower’s equity
      C) Margin Money
      D) All of the above
    460 An Arrangement among the banker’s to finance a borrower using common Loan Documentation is called.
      A) Narrow Banking
      B) Forfeiting
      C) Syndicated Credit
      D) Securitization


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