• Banking Quiz – 43

    421 Who is the new Chairperson and MD of Allahabad Bank appointed in October 2012?
      A) Nupur Mitra
      B) Vijayalakshmi Iyer
      C) Shubhalakshmi Panse
      D) None of These
    422 Who has been recently appointed as the chairperson of Bank of India in October 2012?
      A) Nupur Mitra
      B) Shubhalakshmi Panse
      C) Vijayalakshmi Iyer
      D) None of These
    423 In which prepayment option, most of the prepayment is done on the maturity of the loan?
      A) Stepped Up Installments
      B) Equal Periodic Installments
      C) Bullet Repayment
      D) Deferred Repayment
    424 Which Indian Public sector bank was the first public sector bank to launch its own Mutual fund scheme?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) State Bank of India
      C) Canara Bank
      D) Andhra Bank
    425 Kelkar Committe report is associated with?
      A) FDI in Telecommunication
      B) Fiscal consolidation
      C) Financial regulatory bodies
      D) Norms for new banking license
    426 India’s state run Insurance giant LIC can now invest ___ in a company as compared to the earlier limit of 10%, a move taken by the Finance Ministry to support its divestment programs.
      A) 20%
      B) 25%
      C) 35%
      D) 30%
    427 Recently G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting has been held in which country in Nov 2012?
      A) Brazil
      B) Mexico
      C) France
      D) USA
    428 Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL), India’s leading depository participant and largest custodian of securities, was merged with which government-owned bank in Nov 2012?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) State Bank of India
      C) IDBI Bank
      D) Bank of Baroda
    429 India has been ranked ____ in terms of overall financial development in terms of Life Insurance density, as per the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Financial Development Report 2012 published in Nov 2012.
      A) 45th
      B) 35th
      C) 40th
      D) 52nd
    430 Telecom operator Vodafone India has signed an agreement with which Indian bank to launch a mobile payment service in Nov 2012?
      A) Axis Bank
      B) HDFC Bank
      C) ICICI Bank
      D) Yes Bank


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