• Banking Quiz – 41

    401 Structured finance products does not include?
      A) Project finance
      B) Bill discounting
      C) Asset based finance
      D) Securitization
    402 In US, which act allowed  commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to consolidate?
      A) Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
      B) Sarbanes–Oxley Act
      C) Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
      D) Glass–Steagall Act
    403 Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was established in which year with the merger of 243 insurance companies and provident societies?
      A) 1951
      B) 1956
      C) 1962
      D) 1971
    404 Where is the headquarter of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)?
      A) Chennai
      B) Mumbai
      C) New Delhi
      D) Kolkata
    405 As per the Microfinance (MFI) bill 2012, which entiry will regulate all the Indian Microfinance Companies?
      A) SEBI
      B) RBI
      C) IRDA
      D) None of These
    406 UTI bank was renamed as?
      A) Yes Bank
      B) Kotak Bank
      C) Axis Bank
      D) Oriental Bank of Commerce
    407 Loans where the borrower can withdraw the money within his credit limit,  repay some or all part of the outstanding amount and can borrow again over the tenure of the loan is termed as?
      A) Syndicated loan
      B) Term Loan
      C) Revolving Loan
      D) None of These
    408 Personal loan is an example of?
      A) Corporate Loan
      B) Consumer loan
      C) Mortgage Loan
      D) Trade Finance loan
    409 As per Basel 3 norms, Banks are required to hold ___ of common equity
      A) 7.5%
      B) 5.5%
      C) 5%
      D) 2.5%
    410 When RRBs are set up in India in 1975, how much capital was shared by the state governments?
      A) 30%
      B) 25%
      C) 15%
      D) 20%


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