• Banking Quiz – 4

    31 Which of the following is a Commercial Credit Product of Wholesale banking?
      A) Lines of Credit
      B) Letters of Credit
      C) Factoring
      D) All of the above
    32 Lenders have the freedom to revise the interest rate when the market rate changes. This type of Mortgage loan is known as?
      A) Fixed rate Mortgage
      B) Amortized rate loan
      C) Partial Interest bearing loan
      D) Adjustable rate Mortgage
    33 Mortgages that are NOT insured are known as?
      A) Risk free Mortgage loans
      B) Non-Insured Mortgage loans
      C) Conventional Mortgage loans
      D) Non-Conventional Mortgage loans
    34 Which of the following authenticates and acts as a channel for handling credit card transactions from the merchant?
      A) Payment gateway
      B) Payment Processor
      C) Bill Gateway
      D) None of These
    35 An electronic system services used to transfer funds between banks offered as a part of cash management
      A) Automatic clearing house
      B) Automated clearing house
      C) Automated cashing house
      D) Automation clearing house
    36 System where banks deposit the checks of the companies that are received through mail for payments?
      A) Lockbox system
      B) Locker System
      C) Safe deposit system
      D) Deposit System
    37 CHIPS stands for?
      A) Cashing House Inter-bank Payment System
      B) Clearing House Inter-bank Payment System
      C) Clearing House Inter-bank Payment Service
      D) Checking House Inter-bank Payment System
    38 SWIFT stands for?
      A) Society for World Inter bank Financial Telecommunication
      B) Society for World Inter bank Financial Trading
      C) Society for World Inter bank Foreign Telecommunication
      D) Society for World Inter bank Foreign Trading
    39 EBPP stands for?
      A) Electronic bill presentment and payment
      B) Electronic bill post payment
      C) Electronic bill payment and presentment
      D) Electronic bill prepayment
    40 LIBOR stands for?
      A) London Interbank Offered Rate
      B) London Interbank Open Rate
      C) London Investment Offered Rate
      D) Leading Interbank Offered Rate


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