• Banking Quiz – 38

    371 Banking Ombudsman Scheme deals with?
      A) All Scheduled Commercial Banks but no RRBs
      B) All Scheduled Commercial Banks and all RRBs
      C) All Scheduled Commercial public sector Banks
      D) All Scheduled Commercial private sector Banks
    372 The Bank of Calcutta was established in which year?
      A) 1840
      B) 1806
      C) 1843
      D) 1809
    373 The Bank of Calcutta, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras were merged together in 1921 to form?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Bank of India
      D) Union Bank of India
    374 Who is the current General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) appointed in April 2009?
      A) Jaime Caruana
      B) Malcolm D. Knight
      C) Sir Andrew Crockett
      D) Alexandre Lamfalussy
    375 Which of the below entity takes care of re-financing Regional Rural Banks?
      A) IFCI
      B) SIDBI
      C) NABARD
      D) RBI
    376 Mezzanine financing
      A) Enables to raise capital quickly without adding to equity participation
      B) Hybrid financing that falls between an asset based loan and cash flow loan
      C) None of Them
      D) Both of Them
    377 The Bank of Madras was established in which year?
      A) 1840
      B) 1846
      C) 1843
      D) 1809
    378 Where is headquarter of “Allahabad Bank”?
      A) Kolkata
      B) Bangalore
      C) Mumbai
      D) New Delhi
    379 Which Act is imposed to distinguish between the Commercial banking and the Investment Banking?
      A) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
      B) Glass-Steagal Act
      C) Federal Banking Act
      D) SOX Act
    380 Global Trust Bank was later amalgamated with which bank in 2004?
      A) Punjab National Bank
      B) State Bank of India
      C) Canara Bank
      D) Oriental Bank of Commerce


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