• Banking Quiz – 34

    331 If RBI lowers the CRR, it will have which efferct on the liquidity in the market?
      A) Increase
      B) Decrease
      C) No Effect
      D) None of These
    332 A currency which is expected to remain relatively stable through a short period of time, and to be highly liquid in the forex market is known as?
      A) Hard currency
      B) Soft Currency
      C) Weak Currency
      D) Saber Currency
    333 Indian Five Rupee currency note has the signature of?
      A) Finance Secretary of India
      B) RBI Governor
      C) Finance Minister
      D) President of India
    334 How many Indian languages are used in any Indian Rupee note to denote the amount?
      A) 16
      B) 14
      C) 17
      D) 15
    335 A bank has restriction to sanction loan to?
      A) Students
      B) Banking Staff
      C) Directors of the bank
      D) Unemployed individuals
    336 Credit Control is an important tool used by which entity?
      A) Ministry of Finance
      B) RBI
      C) SIDBI
      D) SEBI
    337 Which Committee has recommended to reduce SLR and CRR?
      A) Rangarajan Committee
      B) Narasimham Committee
      C) Talapore Committee
      D) Malegam Committee
    338 The concept of regional rural banks (RRB) was envisaged to increase the reach of banking system in rural India in which year?
      A) 1991
      B) 1975
      C) 1969
      D) 1981
    339 The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is based out of which location?
      A) Hong Kong
      B) New York
      C) Geneva
      D) Basel
    340 As per Basel guidelines, Which in the list is one of the three pillars?
      A) Market reputation
      B) Market discipline
      C) Market Relations
      D) Market factors


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