• Banking Quiz – 32

    311 Where is the headquarter of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)?
      A) 1988
      B) 1982
      C) 1983
      D) 1991
    312 Who is the Chairman of the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) appointed in April 2012?
      A) Sushil Muhnot
      B) Atul Kumar Rai
      C) Prakash Bakshi
      D) None of These
    313 NABARD was established on the recommendations of which committee?
      A) Rangarajan Committee
      B) Vyas Committee
      C) Talapore Committee
      D) Shivaraman Committee
    314 RBI does not supervise which of the below entity?
      A) Micro Finance Institutions
      B) NBFC
      C) NGO
      D) Banks
    315 Which of this below entity controls the monetary policies for India?
      A) Ministry of Finance
      B) RBI
      C) PMO
      D) IBA
    316 Which of the following sectors has the largest weight in India’s overall economic activity?
      A) Services
      B) Manufacturing
      C) Agricultural
      D) Hospitality and Tourism
    317 The Reverse mortgage scheme is launched to give benefit to?
      A) Poor Citizens
      B) Womens
      C) Senior Citizens
      D) Unemployed individuals
    318 Who was the Governor of RBI at the time of its nationalization?
      A) Sir James Braid Taylor
      B) Sir Osborne Smith
      C) Sir C. D. Deshmukh
      D) Sir Benegal Rama Rau
    319 What is the rate at which RBI gives short term loans to the commercial banks against government securities?
      A) Bank Rate
      B) Reverse Repo Rate
      C) Repo Rate
      D) None of These
    320 As per the latest guidelines of Reserve bank of India, the banks have to calculate interest of savings account deposits on __________ Basis?


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