• Banking Quiz – 31

    301 Who was the first governor of the RBI?
      A) Sir James Braid Taylor
      B) Sir Osborne Smith
      C) Sir C. D. Deshmukh
      D) Sir Benegal Rama Rau
    302 Which in the list cant be a part of monetary policy?
      A) Cash Reserve Ratio
      B) Repo Rate
      C) Open Market Operation
      D) Oil Subsidy reduction
    303 In India, the Government securities Act was passed in which year in order to stream line the government securities?
      A) 2002
      B) 2006
      C) 2005
      D) 1991
    304 The Indian Banks Association (IBA) is a?
      A) RBI formed body
      B) Government owned body
      C) Association of banks
      D) Banking regulator
    305 The second Narasimhan Committee (Narasimham-II Committee) was appointed by?
      A) P.Chidambaram
      B) Manmohan Singh
      C) P V Narasima Rao
      D) Rajiv Gandhi
    306 Which of the following is the advantage of going for public issue?
      A) Significant legal, accounting and marketing costs, many of which are ongoing
      B) Requirement to disclose financial and business information
      C) Higher reputation to the company
      D) Public dissemination of information which may be useful to competitors
    307 The Local area banks were permitted to establish in which year?
      A) 1989
      B) 1991
      C) 1996
      D) 2002
    308 IRR is used to evaluate a capital budgeting or Project finance proposal in Banking. What is the full form of IRR?
      A) Internal Reserve Ration
      B) Immediate Rate of Return
      C) Internal Rate of Return
      D) None of These
    309 Which is the full form of LAF used in banking?
      A) Limited Adjustment Facility
      B) Liability Adjustment Facility
      C) Liquidity Adjustment Facility
      D) None of These
    310 Who of the following is not a party involved in the IPO Process?
      A) Registrar of Issue
      B) Registrar of Companies
      C) Investment Banker
      D) Underwritter


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