• Banking Quiz – 3

    21 Magyar Nemzeti is the Central Bank of
      A) Hungary
      B) Greece
      C) Croatia
      D) Serbia
    22 In which year were banks in India nationalized?
      A) 1969
      B) 1980
      C) 1985
      D) 1978
    23 When was the Reserve Bank of India established?
      A) January 1938
      B) April 1932
      C) Jan 1935
      D) April 1935
    24 Dual Banking system refers to?
      A) Banks funding for small scale and medium scale industries
      B) State Chartered and National Chartered banks co-existing within the banking industry.
      C) Banks funding for small scale and large scale industries
      D) Banks operating in two different areas within the same region
    25 In US Banking law, FDIC stands for?
      A) Financial Deposit and Insurance Corporation
      B) Federal Deposit Investment Company
      C) Federal Deposit Institute of Currency
      D) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    26 Mezzanine financing
      A) Enables to raise capital quickly without adding to equity participation
      B) Hybrid financing that falls between an asset based loan and cash flow loan
      C) None of Them
      D) Both of Them
    27 Which Act is imposed to distinguish between the Commercial banking and the Investment Banking?
      A) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
      B) Glass-Steagal Act
      C) Federal Banking Act
      D) SOX Act
    28 Profitability of a Savings Bank is measured as?
      A) Return on Average Asset
      B) Return on Equity
      C) Return on Investment
      D) All of the above
    29 Thrift Institutions include?
      A) Credit Unions
      B) Investment Banks
      C) Savings Banks
      D) None of These
    30 When was the Federal Reserve System (Fed) formed as a Central Bank by the Federal Reserve act?
      A) 1913
      B) 1919
      C) 1931
      D) 1921


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