• Banking Quiz – 29

    281 Lead bank scheme of RBI was set up on the recommendation of which Committee?
      A) Gadgil study group
      B) Vyas Committee
      C) Talapore Committee
      D) Malegam Committee
    282 The first Gold Credit Card was issued in India by Visa in which year?
      A) 1986
      B) 1981
      C) 1987
      D) 1989
    283 The Reserve Bank of India had served as the central bank for Pakistan until which year?
      A) 1949
      B) 1948
      C) 1950
      D) 1951
    284 The RBI has established the National Housing Bank (NHB) in which year to promote private real estate acquisition?
      A) 1989
      B) 1991
      C) 1981
      D) 1988
    285 What is the full form of RTGS in Banking related fund transfer?
      A) Real Time Gross Settings
      B) Run Time Gross Settlement
      C) Real Time Gross Settlement
      D) None of These
    286 How many deputy governors are there in the board of RBI?
      A) 3
      B) 5
      C) 4
      D) 2
    287 Where is the headquarter of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)?
      A) Bangalore
      B) Mumbai
      C) New Delhi
      D) Kolkata
    288 When was the headquarter of RBI shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai permanently?
      A) 1949
      B) 1935
      C) 1937
      D) 1941
    289 Asian Development bank is in which country?
      A) China
      B) Philippines
      C) Thailand
      D) Japan
    290 In Banking and Capital market, FIMMDA stands for?
      A) Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
      B) Flexible Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
      C) Fixed Investment Money Methods and Derivatives Act
      D) Fixed Income Money Methods and Derivatives Act


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