• Banking Quiz – 27

    261 Which is the biggest advantage of plastic money?
      A) Easy to carry
      B) Easy to distribute
      C) Shelf life is longer
      D) Most secure
    262 SFFSS stands for?
      A) Special Fund Facility Savings Scheme
      B) Special Fund Facility Security Scheme
      C) Special Fund Facility Security Settlement
      D) Special Fund Facility Savings Settlement
    263 India’s nationalized bank “New Bank of India” was merged with which bank in 1993?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Punjab National Bank
      C) Central Bank of India
      D) Bank of Baroda
    264 Which indian bank is known as first tech savvy bank to be set up?
      A) Oriental Bank of Commerce
      B) UTI Bank
      C) Global Trust Bank
      D) ICICI Bank
    265 The first Credit Card was issued in India by Visa in which year?
      A) 1986
      B) 1981
      C) 1987
      D) 1989
    266 Which in the list was the first entirely Indian joint stock bank (means stock held by only Indians)?
      A) Allahabad Bank
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Oudh Commercial Bank
      D) Bank of Upper India
    267 Which Committee has recommended introducing MICR technology in all the banks in the metropolis in India?
      A) Rangarajan Committee
      B) Vyas Committee
      C) Talapore Committee
      D) Malegam Committee
    268 The Indian rupee symbol ₹ was official adopted in which year?
      A) 2011
      B) 2010
      C) 2009
      D) 2008
    269 Recently RBI launched which website to raise awareness of counterfeit currency among users of the INR?
      A) Apna-Paisa-Jano
      B) Paisa-Dikhta-Hai
      C) Paisa-Bolta-Hai
      D) Apna-Paisa-Pahchano
    270 Service Area Approach (SAA) is a term associated with?
      A) Commercial Banks -City branches
      B) Micro Finance Institutions
      C) Commercial Banks -Rural and Semi-urban branches
      D) NBFCs


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