• Banking Quiz – 25

    241 Central Banking Investigation committee recommended in 1930 to establish which of the below organization?
      A) IFCI
      B) SBI
      C) SEBI
      D) RBI
    242 The number of members in a self Help Group normally does not exceed?
      A) 15
      B) 20
      C) 25
      D) 30
    243 The per-capita income in India is calculated by?
      A) Planning Commission
      B) Central Statistical Organization
      C) RBI
      D) Central Financial Organization
    244 The Nayak committee has set  Quantum of Working Capital bank financing as ___ of the projected annual turnover
      A) 12%
      B) 15%
      C) 20%
      D) 25%
    245 Bank of Bengal, Bank of Madras and Bank of Bombay were merged in 1921 to form which bank?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Allahabad Bank
      D) Reserve Bank of India
    246 What does the letter ‘L’ denote in term ‘LAF’ as mostly used in relation to monetary policy of the RBI?
      A) Liability
      B) Leverage
      C) Liquidity
      D) Linear
    247 For Cheque processing, the drawer is?
      A) One who receives cheque
      B) One who writes cheque
      C) One who mediates cheque
      D) None of These
    248 Which in the list is the oldest bank in India started in 1770?
      A) Bank of Hindustan
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Bank of Calcutta
      D) General Bank of India
    249 Which in the list is the oldest joint stock bank in India started in 1863?
      A) Allahabad Bank
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Bank of Calcutta
      D) Bank of Upper India
    250 The rate of interest, banks charge to its main and prime customers is known as?
      A) Par lending rate
      B) Premium lending rate
      C) Prime lending rate
      D) Bank rate


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