• Banking Quiz – 24

    231 What is the full form of EASIEST?
      A) Electronic Assessment System in Excise and Service Tax
      B) Electronic Adjustment System in Excise and Sales Tax
      C) Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service Tax
      D) Electronic Assessment Structure in Excise and Sales Tax
    232 What is the full form of ‘FINO’ mainly used in financial newspapers?
      A) Financial Investment News and Operations
      B) Financial Inclusion Network and Operations
      C) Financial Inclusion News and Operations
      D) Financial Inclusion Number and Operations
    233 Service Area Approach is associated with which banking service?
      A) NRI Services
      B) Corporate Finance
      C) Rural finance
      D) Treasury
    234 As a part of Monetary Policy, RBI does not decide which of the below?
      A) CRR
      B) Repo Rate
      C) Prime lending rate
      D) Reverse Repo Rate
    235 Which in the list is the least liquid asset?
      A) Equity Shares
      B) Fixed Deposit
      C) Land and Property
      D) Government Bonds
    236 Which of the following rates signal RBI’s long term out-look on interest rates?
      A) Repo Rate
      B) Bank Rate
      C) Reverse Repo Rate
      D) CRR
    237 Malegam committee was set up by the RBI related to?
      A) Allowing Foreign banks in India
      B) Priority Sector Lending
      C) Capital Account Convertibility
      D) Issues and concerns in the microfinance sector
    238 Trade control in India is regulated by?
      A) EXIM Bank
      B) Directorate General of Foreign Trade
      C) RBI
      D) SEBI
    239 Financial Stability and Development Council is apex-level body constituted by government of India. Which in the list is not its responsibility?
      A) Inter-Regulatory Coordination
      B) Regulation of Financial Institutions
      C) Financial Literacy
      D) Financial Inclusion
    240 In Banking, SWIFT stands for?
      A) Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications
      B) Society for Worldwide Inter-boundary Financial Transactions
      C) System for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Transactions
      D) System for Worldwide Inter-boundary Financial Telecommunications


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