• Banking Quiz – 23

    221 Which in the list does not directly provide rural lending?
      A) Co-Operating banks
      B) Micro Finance Institutions
      C) SIDBI
      D) Commercial Banks
    222 In which type of LC, the beneficiary can request that the correspondent bank pay an agreed amount in advance (defined in the terms and conditions of the letter of credit) and the advance is paid only against receipt of an additional document providing proof that the goods to be shipped have been warehoused.
      A) Red Clause LC
      B) Green Clause LC
      C) Revolving LC
      D) Revocable LC
    223 Which state has proposed to set up India’s first Islamic Bank?
      A) Maharashtra
      B) Kerala
      C) Andhra Pradesh
      D) Karnataka
    224 As per new SEBI rules for merger and acquisitions, an acquirer would have to make an open offer for purchase of a minimum ____ stake from public shareholders.
      A) 16%
      B) 20%
      C) 26%
      D) 30%
    225 Muhammad Yunus, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006, is well known for which banking related initiative?
      A) Internet Banking
      B) Rural Financing
      C) Micro Finance
      D) SME Financing
    226 Which bank in the below list was merged with ICICI Bank in 2010?
      A) Bank of Karnataka
      B) Ratnakar Bank
      C) Bank of Rajasthan
      D) State Bank of Indore
    227 Which was the first Indian bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946?
      A) Central Bank of India
      B) Bank of India
      C) State Bank of India
      D) Bank of Baroda
    228 Which of these maintains and provides credit score of the borrowers?
      A) IBA
      B) SEBI
      C) CIBIL
      D) RBI
    229 What is the full form of SHGs used in financial news?
      A) Small Help Groups
      B) Self Help Groups
      C) Similar Help Groups
      D) None of These
    230 Credit rating helps to measure the credit risk and facilitates?
      A) Setting higher credit limits
      B) Calculating Probability of risk
      C) Calculating VAR
      D) Finalizing Rate of Interest


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