• Banking Quiz – 22

    211 Sometimes banks borrow money from RBI for temporary purpose. What is the rate applicable for the temporary borrow of capital from RBI?
      A) Discount Rate
      B) Reverse Repo Rate
      C) Repo Rate
      D) Prime Lending Rate
    212 Tarapore committee was set up by the RBI related to?
      A) Allowing Foreign banks in India
      B) Priority Sector Lending
      C) Capital Account Convertibility
      D) Minimum CRR
    213 The PR Nayak Committee that was appointed to devise norms for assessing the working capital requirement of small-scale industries arrived at simplified norm pegging the Working Capital bank financing at _______ of the projected annual turnover.
      A) 12%
      B) 15%
      C) 20%
      D) 25%
    214 Basis point, used in different financial news and rates, means?
      A) One hundredth of 10%
      B) One hundredth of 1%
      C) 1%
      D) One tenth of 1%
    215 In which type of LC, the seller can request that the correspondent bank pay an agreed amount in advance (defined in the terms and conditions of the documentary credit) and The advance is normally paid against receipt and commitment in writing from the beneficiary to subsequently deliver the transportation documents by an agreed date.
      A) Red Clause LC
      B) Green Clause LC
      C) Revolving LC
      D) Revocable LC
    216 Indian Banks are required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This is termed as?
      A) Cash Reserve Ratio
      B) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
      C) Reverse Repo
      D) Repo
    217 A term loan is classified as a non-performing asset, if interest or installment is overdue for more than ____ days?
      A) 60
      B) 90
      C) 120
      D) 180
    218 Cheque facility is not available in which account?
      A) Current Account
      B) Recurring Account
      C) Savings Account
      D) None of These
    219 A letter of credit where the credit available to the customer gets reinstated after the bill is paid is termed as?
      A) Red Clause LC
      B) Green Clause LC
      C) Revolving LC
      D) Revocable LC
    220 A savings bank account opened with a commercial bank with zero or very minimal balance is termed as?
      A) Current Account
      B) No Frill Account
      C) Discount Account
      D) Deposit Account


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