• Banking Quiz – 20

    191 FATF stands for?
      A) Fiscal Action Target Force
      B) Financial Accountibility Task Force
      C) Financial Action Task Force
      D) Financial Action Task Factor
    192 India’s Monetary Policy is decided and implemented by?
      A) FICCI
      B) Reserve Bank of India
      C) Finance Ministry
      D) Indian Banking Association
    193 Which was the first bank to Set up an ATM in India?
      A) ICICI Bank
      B) SBI
      C) HSBC Bank
      D) HDFC Bank
    194 Which organization has been established to boost overall rural development in India?
      A) EXIM Bank
      B) IFCI
      C) NABARD
      D) SIDBI
    195 Banking sector falls under which sector?
      A) Industrial Sector
      B) Government Sector
      C) Service Sector
      D) Credit sector
    196 CMD of a Indian public sector bank is appointed by?
      A) Indian Banks Association
      B) Central Government
      C) RBI
      D) Bank’s Board of Directors
    197 What is the process of supplying money to reshape the economy during downturn?
      A) Financial Infusion
      B) Pump Financing
      C) Push Financing
      D) None of These
    198 Banc assurance can be sold to?
      A) All existing and prospective bank customers
      B) Only existing bank customers
      C) Only prospective bank customers
      D) Only Insurance agents
    199 Which in the below list manages Micro finance development equity fund?
      A) NABARD
      B) RBI
      C) IFCI
      D) SEBI
    200 In Mutual Fund, NAV is the price of?
      A) Average Weekly asset value
      B) One predefined unit of a fund
      C) Total asset under management
      D) Vaule appreciation in a year


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