• Banking Quiz – 19

    181 Which of the following sector has the highest weight in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP)?
      A) Electricity
      B) Crude Oil
      C) Coal
      D) Steel
    182 SEBI has recently made it mandatory in August 2012 for all listed companies to have minimum _____ public shareholdings by June 2013.
      A) 15%
      B) 20%
      C) 25%
      D) 30%
    183 Indian Government earned revenues from private companies mainly through?
      A) Income Tax
      B) Sales Tax
      C) Excise Tax
      D) Corporate Tax
    184 Which in the list is not considered as a monet market instrument?
      A) Commercial Papers
      B) Treasury Bills
      C) Equity Shares
      D) Repurchase agreements
    185 Which Organization compile the national income and GDP numbers for India?
      A) Planning Commission
      B) Central Statistical Organization
      C) Finance Ministry
      D) Central Financial Organization
    186 Reserve Bank of India follows which system for the issue of curreny Rupee?
      A) Ratio based Reserve System
      B) Proportionate Reserve System
      C) Maximum Reserve System
      D) Minimum Reserve System
    187 KYC guidelines followed by banks have been framed on the recommendations of which regulatory authorities?
      A) FICCI
      B) Reserve Bank of India
      C) Finance Ministry
      D) Indian Banking Association
    188 What is the full form of P-Notes used by the foreign investors to invest money in Indian stock markets?
      A) Permanent Notes
      B) Purchasing Notes
      C) Participatory Notes
      D) Propitiatory Notes
    189 Which sector has the highest weight in the Gross Domestic Savings of India?
      A) Private Sector
      B) Government Sector
      C) House Hold Sector
      D) Public Sector
    190 Which in the list controls the credit creation by the commercial banks in India?
      A) SEBI
      B) Reserve Bank of India
      C) Finance Ministry
      D) Indian Banking Association


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