• Banking Quiz – 16

    151 Full form of RTGS?
      A) Real term gross settlement
      B) Real time gross savings
      C) Real time gross settlement
      D) None of These
    152 Full form of NEFT?
      A) Normal electronic funds transfer
      B) National electronic funds transfer
      C) National electronic funds transaction
      D) National electronic finance transfer
    153 A Savings Bank Account opened with a commercial bank with zero balance or very minimal balance is known as?
      A) Current Account
      B) No Frill Account
      C) Savings Account
      D) Deposit Account
    154 ASBA Scheme is used for subscribing in?
      A) Debentures
      B) Government Bonds
      C) IPO
      D) Commercial Papers
    155 Which organization was set up to boost up investment and development in rural India?
      A) NHB
      B) NABARD
      C) SIDBI
      D) IFCI
    156 MAT, related to tax, refers to?
      A) Maximum Alternate Tax
      B) Minimum Alternate Tax
      C) Minimum Affordable Tax
      D) Minimum Actual Tax
    157 For a Bank’s balance sheet, which is not shown in the asset category?
      A) Investments
      B) Loan advances
      C) Cash Balances
      D) Borrowings
    158 Service Area Approach (SAA) is associated with?
      A) Urban branches of commercial banks including RRBs
      B) Rural and semi-urban branches of commercial banks including RRBs
      C) Rural and semi-urban branches of only Private banks
      D) Only Co-operative banks in rural areas
    159 The Service Area Approach (SAA) was introduced in?
      A) 1992
      B) 1981
      C) 1989
      D) 2004
    160 Which in the list is one of the three pillars of Basel 2 norms?
      A) Market Transactions
      B) Market Risk
      C) Market discipline
      D) Market Reputation


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