• Banking Quiz – 15

    141 What was the first Indian bank?
      A) State Bank of India
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Bank of Hindusthan
      D) None of These
    142 Ten rupee currency notes has the signature of?
      A) Secretary, Finance Ministry
      B) RBI Governor
      C) RBI Deputy Governor
      D) President of India
    143 Bank rate of RBI is also known as?
      A) Repo Rate
      B) Reserve Repo Rate
      C) Discount Rate
      D) Fed Interest Rate
    144 Which bank was merged with Punjab national banks in 1993?
      A) New bank of India
      B) Imperial Bank of India
      C) Bank of Rajasthan
      D) Karnataka Bank
    145 Which entity regulates the credit rating agencies in India?
      A) RBI
      B) SIDBI
      C) IRDA
      D) SEBI
    146 India’s headline inflation is calculated using?
      A) Retail Price Index
      B) Consumer Price Index
      C) Wholesale Price Index
      D) None of These
    147 Which is the largest public sector bank in India?
      A) Central Bank of India
      B) Union Bank
      C) State Bank of India
      D) Punjab National Bank
    148 The National Housing Bank (NHB) was established in?
      A) 1989
      B) 1982
      C) 1988
      D) 1991
    149 The National Housing Bank (NHB)  is owned by?
      A) RBI
      B) NABARD
      C) SBI
      D) SEBI
    150 Which Note issue method the Reserve Bank of India uses to issue currency notes?
      A) Maximum Reserve System
      B) Gold Reserve System
      C) Minimum Reserve System
      D) Forex Reserve System


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