• Banking Quiz – 14

    131 In which year RBI was nationalized?
      A) 1935
      B) 1949
      C) 1951
      D) 1972
    132 Which is/are the measures of credit control ?
      A) Quantitative credit control
      B) Qualitative credit control
      C) Both Quantitative and Qualitaive credit controls
      D) None of These
    133 What was the capital value of RBI when it was set up in 1935?
      A) Rs 15 crore
      B) Rs 5 crore
      C) Rs 25 crore
      D) Rs 10 crore
    134 One rupee currency notes has the signature of?
      A) Secretary, Finance Ministry
      B) RBI Governor
      C) RBI Deputy Governor
      D) President of India
    135 In Banking, Non performing assets mean the assets which have?
      A) stopped giving capital to a bank
      B) stopped giving Interest to a bank
      C) stopped giving income to a bank
      D) Increased expense of a bank
    136 What is the meaning of M3?
      A) Money or Currency in circulation on a particular day
      B) Total value of the foreign exchange on a particular day
      C) Total value of export credit on a particular day
      D) Total value of gold reserves on a particular day
    137 Basel Committee recommendations take care of which important part of banking operation?
      A) Marketing of products
      B) Micro finance or rural lending
      C) Risk Management
      D) Invesment bank
    138 Money laundering normally involves?
      A) placement of funds
      B) integrating of funds
      C) layering of funds
      D) All of These
    139 The public sector banks have introduced the Differential Rates of Interest (DRI) Scheme in?
      A) 1972
      B) 1969
      C) 1982
      D) 1991
    140 Which in the list is not a monetary policy tool used by the Central Bank?
      A) Repo Rate
      B) Reserve Repo
      C) Open Market Operation
      D) Public Expenses


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