• Banking Quiz – 12

    111 Before providing loan to a consumer, banks check?
      A) Personal details of the borrower
      B) Financial position of the borrower
      C) Past Credit History
      D) All of the above
    112 Which of the following is not considered an input variable in sensitivity analysis for treasury operation?
      A) Fund inflow
      B) Interest rate
      C) Exchange rate
      D) Tax Rate
    113 Asset Liability Management consider the below risks to make decisions of the composition of bank‟s assets and liabilities?
      A) Liquidity Risk
      B) Currency Risk
      C) Interest Rate Risk
      D) All of the above
    114 In a Bill of exchange, the person who is required to pay is the?
      A) Payee
      B) Endorsee
      C) Drawee
      D) Bearer
    115 A bank on which check is drawn by the customer is called?
      A) Advising Bank
      B) Paying Bank
      C) Issuing Bank
      D) Collecting Bank
    116 MICR is an acronym for?
      A) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
      B) Maximum Ink Character Recognition
      C) Multi Ink Character Recognition
      D) Magnetic Ink Cheque Recognition
    117 In Banking, “ACH” stands for?
      A) Automated Cheque house
      B) Accelerated clearing house
      C) Automated clearing house
      D) Accelerated cheque house
    118 In Mortgage lending, Difference between the purchase price and the amount lent by the bank is termed as?
      A) Mortgage equity
      B) Bank’s equity
      C) borrower’s equity
      D) None of These
    119 When did the Indian Parliament pass the “Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA)”?
      A) 2002
      B) 2003
      C) 2001
      D) 1999
    120 Which is the file formats used for funds transfer?
      A) Fedwire
      B) CHIPS
      C) ISO 22002
      D) All of the above


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