• Banking Quiz – 11

    101 EBPP stands for?
    A) Electronic bill presentment and payment
    B) Electronic bill post payment
    C) Electronic bill payment and presentment
    D) Electronic bill prepayment
    102 Which of the following is an example of transaction accounts?
    A) Fixed Deposits
    B) Recurring Deposits
    C) Cash Certificate
    D) Savings Bank Deposits
    103 Bank Deposits in US are insured by?
    A) Federal Reserve
    B) US Government
    C) Federal Depository Insurance Corporation
    D) US State Government
    104 Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established in which year?
    A) 1992
    B) 1988
    C) 1998
    D) 1999
    105 Contractual agreement where the lessor transfer the ‘right’ to use the asset to a lessee in return for a periodical payment?
    A) Capital leases
    B) Mortgage loans
    C) Business Mortgages
    D) Credit lines
    106 The Export Finance activity as per Basle II is categorized under?
    A) Corporate Finance
    B) Commercial Banking
    C) Trading and Sale
    D) Payment and Settlement
    107 In Bank’s balance sheet, which of these does not come under Contingent Liabilities?
    A) Guarantees
    B) Letters of Credit
    C) Reserves and Surplus
    D) Foreign Exchange Contracts
    108 In case of bank Deposits in US, the Insurance premium is paid by?
    A) FDIC to the respective Banks
    B) The respective banks pay the same to FDIC
    C) FDIC pays to the Federal Reserve
    D) Federal Reserve pays to FDIC
    109 The bank that approves a merchant for accepting credit cards and then collects the merchant’s online payments, is called as?
    A) The acquiring bank
    B) The issuing bank
    C) The paying Bank
    D) The association
    110 Education loan is an example of?
    A) Corporate Loan
    B) Consumer loan
    C) Mortgage Loan
    D) Trade Finance loan

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