• Banking Awareness Quiz – 99

    981 Corporate Tax is a kind of _______?
      A) Direct tax
      B) Indirect Tax
      C) Service Tax
      D) None of These
    982 When 14 banks of India were nationalized on July 19, 1969, each one of them had a minimum deposit of ________?
      A) Rs. 100 Crore
      B) Rs. 50 crore
      C) Rs. 30 Crore
      D) Rs. 25 Crore
    983 Which in the below list is defined by any reductions in private consumption or investment that occurs because of an increase in government spending?
      A) Crowding Out Effect
      B) Monetary adjustment
      C) Fiscal adjustment
      D) Subsidy Effect
    984 The excess of total expenditures over total receipts is known as _____ ?
      A) Fiscal Deficit
      B) Budget Deficit
      C) Revenue deficit
      D) None of These
    985 Which committee was constituted for Monetary System?
      A) Usha Thorat Committee
      B) YV Reddy Committee
      C) Chakravarty Committee
      D) Rangarajan Committee
    986 What is the full form of MIBID ?
      A) Mumbai Interbank Buy Rate
      B) Mumbai Interbank Interest Rate
      C) Mumbai Interbank Index Rate
      D) Mumbai Interbank Bid Rate
    987 National Housing Bank is a 100 % subsidiary of ______________.
      A) Reserve bank of India
      B) State Bank of India
      C) NABARD
      D) IFCI
    988 In which year Instant Money Order (iMO) was launched?
      A) 2002
      B) 2004
      C) 2006
      D) 2008
    989 A debenture holder of a company is also its ______?
      A) shareholder
      B) director
      C) creditor
      D) None of These
    990 Whatt is a correct expansion of PIPE deals?
      A) Private Investments in Public Equity
      B) Public Investment in Private Equity
      C) Private Investment in Private Equity
      D) None of These


    Check below for Answers:











    981 Ans) Direct tax
    982 Ans) Rs. 50 Crore
    983 Ans) Crowding Out Effect
    984 Ans) Budget Deficit
    985 Ans) Chakravarty Committee
    986 Ans) Mumbai Interbank Bid Rate
    987 Ans) Reserve bank of India
    988 Ans) 2006
    989 Ans) creditor
    990 Ans) Private investment in Public Equity


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