• Banking Awareness Quiz – 98

    971 Which in the below list increases by Credit creation?
      A) Real national income
      B) Supply of money
      C) Real wealth of people
      D) None of These
    972 Malegam Committee was set up by the SEBI, which gave its recommendations in 1995, was constituted to recommend reforms in __________?
      A) Primary Market
      B) Secondary Market
      C) Commodity Market
      D) None of These
    973 Which in the below list of committees is related to insurance reforms in India?
      A) Gadgil Committee
      B) Malhotra Committee
      C) Kelker Committee
      D) Bimal Jalan Committee
    974 Marathe Committee which was headed by S. S. Marathe of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Board and submitted its recommendations for __________?
      A) Urban Cooperative Banks
      B) Rural Cooperative Banks
      C) Microfinance Institutions
      D) Non Banking Financial Corporations
    975 LIBOR stands for  London Interbank Offer Rate. What does MIBOR stands for ___?
      A) Mumbai Interbank Offer Rate
      B) Manchester Interbank Offer Rate
      C) Mexico Interbank Offer Rate
      D) Major Interbank Offer Rate
    976 A requirement imposed on banks to have a certain amount of capital in relation to their assets is termed as _______?
      A) Cash Reserve Ratio
      B) Capital gearing Ratio
      C) Capital Adequacy Ratio
      D) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
    977 Who entity recommends distribution of taxes between the Union and State Govt?
      A) Finance Minister
      B) Finance Commission
      C) Planning Commissions
      D) None of These
    978 The Reserve Bank of India intervenes in the market at regular intervals to direct the movement of Rupee values. This means that India’s exchange rate system is a _______?
      A) Free Float System
      B) Managed Float System
      C) Currency Board
      D) Fixed Currency System
    979 Which in the below list is the most active instrument of organized money market in India?
      A) Call Money Market
      B) Treasury Bills
      C) CPs and CDs
      D) None of These
    980 Which Indian rating agency was jointly promoted by ICICI and UTI to rate debentures?
      A) CRISIL
      B) CARE
      C) ICRA
      D) CIBIL


    Check below for Answers:










    971 Ans) supply of money
    972 Ans) Primary Market
    973 Ans) Malhotra Committee
    974 Ans) Urban Cooperative Banks
    975 Ans) Mumbai Interbank Offer Rate
    976 Ans) Capital Adequacy Ratio
    977 Ans) Finance Commission
    978 Ans) Managed Float System
    979 Ans) Call Money Market
    980 Ans) CRISIL


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