• Banking Awareness Quiz – 97

    961 Which in the list can not be achieved by the Core Banking?
      A) Anywhere banking
      B) Everywhere access
      C) Technology upgradation
      D) Adoption of basel norms
    962 Portion of deposits banks have to park with RBI is called ___?
      A) Statutory Reserve Ratio
      B) Capital Adequacy Ratio
      C) Cash Reserve Ratio
      D) CASA Ratio
    963 In India, the Foreign Exchange Reserves are kept in the custody of _____________.
      A) Ministry of Finance
      B) Consolidation funds of India
      C) Reserve Bank of India
      D) None of These
    964 What is the stake of Government of India in NABARD?
      A) 50%
      B) 51%
      C) 75%
      D) 99%
    965 The concept of ‘Universal Banking’ was implemented in India on the recommendations of _________
      A) Usha Thorat Committee
      B) R H Khan Committee
      C) Y V Reddy Committee
      D) Rangarajan Committee
    966 On which in the below list of rates Reserve Bank of India provides loan to scheduled commercial banks ?
      A) Repo Rate
      B) Reverse Rate
      C) Credit Rate
      D) Bank Rate
    967 On the basis of _________ recommendations the Reserve Bank of India was set up?
      A) Simmons Commission
      B) Hilton Young Commission
      C) Samuel Commission
      D) None of These
    968 Which entity is the single largest shareholder in Small Industries Development Bank of India?
      A) IDBI
      B) SBI
      C) LIC
      D) RBI
    969 Variable Reserve rates and Open market Operations are the instruments of __________ ?
      A) Fiscal Policy
      B) Monetary Policy
      C) Budgetary Policy
      D) None of These
    970 Deepak Parekh Committee is related to____________
      A) Industrial Reforms
      B) FDI reforms
      C) Infrastructure Financing
      D) Banking Reforms


    Check below for Answers:











    961 Ans) Adoption of basel norms
    962 Ans) Cash Reserve Ratio
    963 Ans) Reserve Bank of India
    964 Ans) 99%
    965 Ans) R H Khan Committee
    966 Ans) Bank Rate
    967 Ans) Hilton Young Commission
    968 Ans) IDBI
    969 Ans) Monetary Policy
    970 Ans) Infrastructure Financing


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