• Banking Awareness Quiz – 96

    951 If the Reserve Bank of India wants to block foreign Capital Outflows and contain the currency depreciation, which would be the most possible action?
      A) Increase Interest Rates
      B) Decrease Interest Rates
      C) Purchase Government Bonds
      D) Decrease CRR
    952 To get the Credit History of a company, which entity should be approached?
      A) CRISIL
      B) CIBIL
      C) SEBI
      D) RBI
    953 The power of the commercial banks to expand deposits through expanding their loans and advances is known as _________________.
      A) Capital Expansion
      B) Credit Formation
      C) Credit Control
      D) Credit Creation
    954 Microcredit or microfinance is a novel approach to banking with the poor through JLGs and SHGs. What is full form of JLG?
      A) Joint Lending Groups
      B) Joint Liability Groups
      C) Joint Lenders Groups
      D) Joint Local Groups
    955 A Public Debt Office works as investment banker to the _____?
      A) Parliament
      B) Commercial Banks
      C) RBI
      D) Government
    956 A Banking Ombudsman will not entertain Credit Card complaints which are more than _______old.
      A) 3 months
      B) 6 months
      C) 9 Months
      D) 12 Months
    957 Commercial Paper (CP) is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a _____?
      A) Demand Draft
      B) Promissory Note
      C) Bill of Exchange
      D) Lines of Credit
    958 Which among these is the most volatile Foreign Capital?
      A) External Commercial Borrowings
      B) Foreign Direct Investment
      C) Loans from International Financial Institutions
      D) Foreign Portfolio Investment
    959 Normally, Economic growth is normally coupled with __________ .
      A) Inflation
      B) Hyper Inflation
      C) Deflation
      D) Stagflation
    960 Urban Co-operative banks are governed by?
      A) State Governments
      B) RBI
      C) Both a and b
      D) Central Government


    Check below for Answers:











    951 Ans) Increase Interest Rates
    952 Ans) CIBIL
    953 Ans) Credit Creation
    954 Ans) Joint Liability Groups
    955 Ans) Government
    956 Ans) 12 Months
    957 Ans) Promissory Note
    958 Ans) Foreign Portfolio Investment
    959 Ans) Inflation
    960 Ans) Both a and b


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