• Banking Awareness Quiz – 91

    901 Which methos is used by Reserve Bank of India for “sterilization of the Capital Inflows” ?
      A) Base Rate System
      B) CRAR Obligations
      C) Open Market Operations
      D) Credit Authorization Scheme
    902 Asset Reconstruction Company of India (ARCIL) has been launched to deal primarily with ____?
      A) Infrastructure lending
      B) Priority Sector lending
      C) Non-performing Assets
      D) Credit Rating
    903 The nationalization of Banks in India took place in 1969 by ____?
      A) An Act of Parliament of India
      B) An Ordinance Promulgated by President of India
      C) An amendment of Constitution of India
      D) A Notification by Government of India
    904 National Equity Fund is managed by which in the below list?
      A) RBI
      B) SIDBI
      C) IDBI
      D) NABARD
    905 The OLTAS system is related to which in the below list?
      A) Reserve Bank of India
      B) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
      C) Income Tax Department
      D) NABARD
    906 Which in the below list is the Highest denomination, RBI can issue a note of ___?
      A) Rs. 1000
      B) Rs. 5000
      C) Rs. 10,000
      D) Rs. 50,000
    907 Which in the below list is the correct full form of SIDO?
      A) Small Industries Development Organization
      B) Sick Industries Development Organization
      C) Small Industries Development Office
      D) State Industrial Development Organization
    908 Under which in the below list laws, the Subsidiary Bank of State Bank of India is constituted ?
      A) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
      B) State Bank of India Act,1955
      C) State Bank of India (Subsidiary-Banks) Act,1959
      D) Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Under-taking) Act, 1980
    909 Which in the below list is not the primary function of Commercial bank in India?
      A)  Acceptance of Deposits
      B)  Merchant Banking
      C)  Advancing of Loans
      D) All of them are primary functions
    910 The headquarter of Asian Development Bank is located at which in the below list of places?
      A) Singapore
      B) Manila
      C) Hong Kong
      D) Bangkok


    Check below for Answers:










    901 Ans) Open Market Operations
    902 Ans) Non-performing Assets
    903 Ans) An Ordinance Promulgated by President of India
    904 Ans) SIDBI
    905 Ans) Income Tax Department
    906 Ans) Rs. 10,000
    907 Ans) Small Industries Development Organization
    908 Ans) State Bank of India (Subsidiary-Banks) Act,1959
    909 Ans) Merchant Banking
    910 Ans) Manila


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